How We Do This

Our Vision

At Sovereign Joy Community Church (SJCC) the Word of Almighty God takes precedence. Above all else we believe in the supremacy of rightly dividing the Word of truth through exegetical proclamation.  In an age of uncertainty, skepticism, and easy-believism, SJCC is committed to displaying the glory of God through the Word of God being preached and applied.

In addition to this, what may make SJCC so unique is its equal emphasis upon heartfelt, God-centered worship and praise. We at SJCC have seen far too many churches and movements settle for all head and no heart or all heart and no head.  We desire to strike a balance of the two.  God has given SJCC a vision for God enthralled worship that is soaked in biblical truth and saturated with glorifying God through biblical God-centered worship.

Finally, we desire to take all of our vision for preaching, theology, and worship and apply it to practical outreach.  We see the world as lost and confused.  Many who attend churches all around our local area are being brought up by weak and faulty presentations of biblical Christianity.  As a result, false conversions are common place, giving way to mass confusion and major misunderstandings of the true nature of the faith. Therefore, much of our outreach is aimed at the lost but also at the misinformed.   We see a need for an Apollos like ministry.  We desire to teach people the way more accurately that they might come to truly know Christ as Savior.