Covenant of Fellowship

The below statement is taken from our Covenant of Fellowship for our church members:

By the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I covenant to:

  1. Endeavor to be an example of Christ in my speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity of my life and to forsake the ways of sin.
  2. Exercise a mutual care of other members in the Body of Christ.
  3. Be slow to take offense, but always ready for reconciliation, and mindful of the Scriptures, to seek it without delay.
  4. Strive with others for both the peace and purity of this assembly as part of Christ’s Body.
  5. Attend faithfully the stated services of the church.
  6. Cherish the Word of God and the ordinances of the Church.
  7. Contribute as a faithful steward, such time, talent and money, in the measure that Christ prospers me; that the responsibility of the local church and the world-wide ministry of spreading the Gospel be faithfully discharged.
  8. Teach my children the Word of God.
  9. Seek the salvation of my family and acquaintances, and to walk circumspectly in the world so that I can be a faithful witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. Encourage one another in the blessed hope of our Lord’s soon return and to engage in regular Bible reading and prayer so that I may be ready to meet Him.

View the entire Covenant of Fellowship in PDF format.