Who is the Word/Logos? [John 1:1]

If you were in Sunday Seminary last week then you remembered the presentation went haywire once we started discussing John 1:1 regarding the Trinity and showing from Scripture that Jesus is fully God. It was then I [Jason Delgado] recommended that you listen to Pastor Emilio Ramos’ exposition on John 1:1.

I clipped that sermon down into 4 parts that talk about the points presented in John 1:1 that I was dealing with in regards to our topic… the identity and description of the Word [Greek: Logos] who is with God and is God.


Listen to the 3 minute clip below dealing with the first phrase in John 1:1:



Listen to the 4 minute clip below dealing with the second phrase:

Listen to the 6 minute clip below on the final phrase which we will spend more time on since it is highly attacked:


Finally, Pastor Emilio Ramos gives a 1 minute definition on the Trinity:



And here is the quote we read regarding this in Sunday Seminary:

In summary, then, what do we find in John 1:1? In a matter of only 17 short Greek words, John communicates the following truths:

  • The Word is eternal – He has always existed and did not come into existence at a point in time.
  • The Word is personal – He is not a force, but a person, and that eternally. He has always been in communion with the Father.
  • The Word is deity – The Word is God as to His nature [essence/being].

– James White, The Forgotten Trinity, 1998

For further study you can listen to Pastor Emilio Ramos‘ entire sermon “The Logos: Introduced, Described, & Defined” from his series in the Gospel of John below:

Church History

In our last Sunday Seminary, we discussed the importance of knowing Church history. Our elders suggested the following books for those interested:

Church History In Plain Language
by Dr. Bruce L. Shelley

The Story of Christianity, Volume 1: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation
by Justo L. Gonzalez

The Story of Christianity: Volume 2: The Reformation to the Present Day
by Justo L. Gonzalez

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