One of the missionaries we support, Steve Schneider, will be here tomorrow

Steve preached at Immanuel Bible Baptist Church 3 weeks in September, concluding at their retreat.

Steve preaching at Immanuel Bible Baptist Church

Steve Schneider, missionary to Chile whom we have supported for years, will be at our service tomorrow.

During our Sunday School time he will be sharing updates on what is going on in Chile.

During our worship service he will be  preaching on Proverbs 2:1-5-“Discovering the Wisdom of God.”

One new song we may do tomorrow:

Our New Constitution & By-laws


The Constitution & By-laws page has been updated with the changes we voted on yesterday:

The below statement is taken from “Article II: Purpose” from our Constitution and By-laws:

The purpose of this church is to glorify the God of the Scriptures in promoting His worship, evangelizing sinners, and edifying saints. To this end we are committed to proclaiming God’s perfect law and His glorious Gospel of Grace in Jesus Christ throughout the world, and to defending the “faith once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3)…

View the entire Constitution & By-laws in PDF format.

We are now supporting Reformed Baptist Seminary! Learn more…

RBS-SealAs we announced at yesterday’s meeting, we are going to support Reformed Baptist Seminary. Here are some of the answers to common questions I was being asked:

How can RBS offer a full ministerial education at such a reduced cost? Part of the reason lies in the fact that we are a distance learning school. We do not need to charge the student to maintain the overhead expenses of building facilities and a resident faculty. But another part of the reason lies in the fact that RBS is partially supported by the generosity of local churches. Indeed, this is one more reason why RBS is a “church-based” seminary. We believe local churches should be willing to invest in those who aspire after and show potential for the ministry.


Students of churches that support the seminary for $2,000 or more per year may receive their theological education tuition free. (And members can audit courses free).

ConfessingBaptistPodcastLogoAs Pastor Jay mentioned yesterday, you can learn a lot more about the seminary from these two audio podcasts:

In the two audio podcasts linked below, Jason Delgado interviews Dr Bob Gonzales for The Confessing Baptist Podcast. Dr Gonzales shares his testimony of coming to faith in Christ, his theological journal, his experience as a pastor, and his current role as dean of Reformed Baptist Seminary. He discusses the history of the seminary, its doctrinal position, its “church-based” distinctives, its online and modular course offerings, and the issue of accreditation. Finally, he talks about the opportunities God has given the seminary to provide modular training to foreign pastors in Latin America. If you’d like to learn more about RBS, you’ll probably benefit from listening to the two-part podcast interview below. 

Reformed Baptist Seminary – Bob Gonzales (Podcast #12)


Reformed Baptist Seminary – Bob Gonzales (Podcast #13)


Fort Worth 4th Fellowship

Last night a couple of our church families were looking for stuff to do today. They decided to go to the Fort Worth Trinity River July 4th celebration and wanted to let the rest of the church families know.

They plan on being there at 5pm (fireworks start @ 9:30pm).

When you arrive please contact Billy Leonhart or Branden & Anna Eager to meet up with everyone.

Click here for directions and details: