Romania Missions Trip Update

Below is an update we received during yesterday’s service (Aug. 7, 2011), via email, from Billy:

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you a Romania update. Everything has been going very well. We are all safe, and no one is sick. We all miss our families and our church very much, though we are enjoying the opportunity to meet and fellowship with our family from another culture. We can’t wait for the day when we will all understand one another without translators, because we will all have one language.

They have been keeping us very busy. Thursday night, I preached at the main Baptist church in Baille Herculane (a resort town near the Danube River), and Pastor Onesimus translated. Pastor Onesimus is the pastor of the second largest Baptist church in Romania. I have been privileged to have him as my translator for the entire trip.

The next day, after some street evangelism in Baille Herculane, we left for a village where our friend Virgil pastors a Baptist church of about 60. That night, I preached a Pastor Virgil’s church and our friend Levu (sp?) translated. Levu is a student in the college at Emanuel University in Oradea.

The next day we went and knocked on doors and witnessed to people all morning. We went back to the homes in which we were staying and had lunch, and went back out in the afternoon for more evangelism. I was asked back to preach again that night.

This morning, I preached at the Sunday service. I preached on imitating Christ from Ephesians 5:1-2 with an emphasis on the ordinances, because the first Sunday of the month is their communion Sunday. We then went to two more villages and I preached in two more village churches.

We came back to say goodbye to Pastor Virgil’s church before we were to head back for Baille Herculane, and we were invited out by the youth to play volleyball. Of course, we accepted and wound up having an amazing time. We are now back at our hotel, and tomorrow we will go and help dig a well in a local village. After that, we will stay the night at Pastor Onesimus’ house and leave for the airport early Wednesday morning.

Know that the guys have been thoroughly exposed to Romanian culture. They have slept in Romanian homes, eaten Romanian food, and shared the gospel with Romanian people. They each also have had the opportunity to share their testimonies twice before different congregations. In many ways, some small and some big, they have all had to leave their comfort zones for the sake of the kingdom.

Well, there is so much more I could share with you, but that seems to cover the big events. We will have a lot more personal stories for you when we see you next. I pray that you are all doing well, and we request that you would continue to pray for us. Please pray for our success in the ministry of the kingdom, and for our safe travel. We love you all.

In Christ,


Let’s keep these men in our prayers.

Romania Team

Greek Class Info

We are looking to start somewhere around the first week of August.

The following books will be needed to start:

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar, Third Edition

by William D. Mounce
Zondervan / 2009 / Hardcover

Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook, Third Edition

by William D. Mounce
Zondervan / 2009 / Trade Paperback


It would be helpful but not mandatory to get the latest edition of the book, so don’t worry if you have an older version.

In addition, you may also want you can get the flash cards for vocabulary memorization:

Basics of Biblical Greek Vocabulary Cards

by William D. Mounce
Zondervan / 2004 / Other


Alternatively, you can make your own Greek flash cards by writing them on a blank card with the English definition on the back, or get a app for smart phones that works like a flashcard:


Bible Flashcards
Bible Flashcards for Android


Screen shots:


iPhones can us this method.

The goal of this class will be to help the student read the Greek New Testament and therefore it will be an in-depth study of Koine Greek. This is not an impossible language to learn but it will require a reasonable amount of time and effort (you will probably need to study 2-4 hours per week depending on how well you do in languages). If you are able to do this and willing then I am very excited to have you take the class, it should be an edifying experience and with a little bit of hard word you can be reading and translating portions of the Greek NT in 3-6 months. The NT was written in Koine Greek in the original languages and it will be very rewarding to read the Bible in the original language in which it was written.

Pastor Jay Jesuroga

Door To Door Evangelism

We already started it up this month, but just by way of reminder:

Tom Jacques will be leading us around the church neighborhood to share the gospel door to door.

We will meet at noon at the church and leave from there.

This info has been added to our church calendar (and please see Tom Jacques if you have any questions).

Schneider (Missionary to Chile) Update July ’11

Here is the lastest update we have from Steve Scheider (see previous ones here):

Ministry at the Facultad

“Greetings from Chile! We are fast approaching our one-year anniversary of our arrival in Chile on July 19th…

The first semester of our seminary academic year, and Steve’s first semester teaching, finished on July 1. As we shared in earlier updates, the seminary had 17 new students enter the first year in our four-year program, thanks to the efforts of our Chilean coworkers and fellow missionaries and their promotion among the local churches. We also began a master’s program with 8 students, with one class being taught in English…”

Download the entire newsletter:

Download PDF


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