Jeffery Smith: Guest Preacher for Sunday, July 13th

diekema_smith_smallPastor Jeff Smith has been a fulltime pastor since 1990 and began ministering in Covenant Reformed Baptist Church, Easley, South Carolina, as a church plant in 1994. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in Religion from Gardner Webb College and a Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also served on the faculty of Reformed Baptist Seminary and as a contributor to the Reformed Baptist Theological Review. Pastor Smith accepted God’s call and was installed as one of the pastors of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Coconut Creek, Florida on September 13th, 2009. He and his wife Kelly have six children, four boys and two girls.

How to Listen to a Sermon [7 Practical Directions]


Here is some great, practical, advice on something we do (Lord willing) weekly.

OPC Minister Shane Lems:

Christopher Love (d. 1651), a Welsh Presbyterian and pastor of a church in London, manuscripted his sermons on mortification and published them in The Mortified Christian (Morgan: Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 1998). The whole book is worth reading, but the last section is what I’ll note for now. The chapter is called “The Right Hearing of Sermons.” Here are seven practical directions for listening to the preaching of the gospel (I’ve edited them for length).


1) Take heed that you hear the Word of God preparedly. As the preacher must take care to find acceptable words, so the people should labor to bring acceptable affections to the work – when we come to the service of God we should hear with all attention and pray with affection.


2) Hear the Word attentively, as those did in Acts 8.6. Those who hear the Word with gazing eyes, wandering thoughts, and sleepy bodies cannot hear it attentively, but are to be reproved.


3) Hear the Word of God retentively. Labor to keep in your memory what you hear, that you may put it into practice for your life. Hearing is for practice’s sake. This also has to do with treasuring the Word, so it will have a continual impression upon your hearts.


4) Hear the Word understandingly. Christ called the multitude and bade them hear and understand. This is what the Bereans did.


5) Hear the Word applicatively. If a patient has never such excellent counsel given him, never so powerful a medicine prescribed, if he does not apply it, it will do him no more good than if he had never known it.


6) Hear the Word of God reverentially. Many people represent God to themselves in such familiar notions that they ultimately breed a contempt of God which we ought not to have. We must demean ourselves with a humble reverence in His presence.


7) Hear the Word of God obediently. Come…ready, prepared, and disposed to stoop and submit to all the instructions, corrections, and reproofs of the Word of God, like those spoken of in Acts 10.33.


All of the advice Love gave assumed that we sit “under” the preaching of the Word, not over it. The congregation does not rule the preached word; the word “rules” them. So we come to hear a sermon ready to hear God’s word read and explained – we pray for ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to believe what God speaks in and through his word read and preached.

past post on this subject

Ladies Night Out and Nursing Home Pie Social

calendar eventsTwo events that we announced Sunday and have been added to our calendar:



Ladies Night Out

When: this Friday June 13th, 7-11 PM

Where: at the Thomas’ home

Please bring your bibles and if you have a snack you would like to share. If you have any spa type items you want to share please let me know. We will do a devotional and then maybe some Kinect games, spa type stuff, maybe a movie and just enjoy some fellowship.* Remember this is for Women and Teens only Ages 12 and Up so the ladies and teens can enjoy a fun night off from chasing little ones etc. and just enjoy each others company.

Nursing Home Pie Social

When: Saturday June 14th at 3 PM


Marine Creek Rehabilitation Center
3600 Angle Avenue,
Fort Worth, 76106

If you are willing to bake a pie, donate ice cream, entertain, help serve or just come to encourage please contact me ASAP so I can make sure we are going to be able to provide for everyone and plan the entertainment part. This time is to celebrate and encourage the Mothers and Fathers at the home. If you want to bake a pie or donate ice cream but can’t come on Saturday let me know and you could either bring it Friday night or maybe send it with someone who is coming. There are many people there who will be very encouraged by this time and professing brothers and sisters who will be so thankful for time with brothers and sisters in the Lord.

If you have any questions or want to let Lisa know you are willing to serve in some way for Saturday please give her a call.

Fellowship in the Church & Technology


I’m convinced that technology has hit us so fast that we haven’t had much time to think about how it impacts us. That said, here is a 9 Marks interview with Pastor John MacArthur wherein they wrestle with some of these issues:

How do we help church members who prefer anonymity to love and open up to each other?

Audio [mp3]:

Here is the specific Shepherds Conference session they discuss:


Audio [mp3]:

Superheroes In the Pew [Jim Savastio]

All I can say to this short blog post is, “Amen!”.

Jim Savastio

Jim Savastio

If you were to ask the average Christian to speak of their spiritual heroes it would be common for them to bring forth the names of great pastors, preachers, and missionaries who have served faithfully and well in the Kingdom in the past or present. They buy the books, listen to the sermons, follow the tweets, and read the biographies of these esteemed men and women.


I want to tell you bit about some of my heroes. Many of them have never preached and certainly have not written popular books or blogs. They have never spoken at conferences. With the exception of a few dozen fellow churchmen, they are unknown in the wider Christian world.


My heroes consists by and large of the men and women of my church…

Read the rest of “Superheroes In the Pew” by Pastor Jim Savastio and let us consider the “one anothers” of Scriptures here & here.

Member’s Interview with Aimee Byrd on being a “Housewife Theologian” [Audio]


Pastor Jay’s wife, Christina, and another one of our members, Rachel, interviewed Aimee Byrd on her book “Housewife Theologian”:


Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary
by Aimee Byrd

In part one of the interview they get into topics such as:

  • What got you to writing a book?
  • Are women to “study to show [themselves] approved”?
  • What is true beauty?
  • What is modesty & chastity?
  • How do you help women to read theology? Or even just read?
  • Parenting
  • + more

Listen [mp3]:

In part two of the interview they get into topics such as:

  •  Why is theology important in maintaining true unity?
    • What about true vs. false unity?
    • How do creeds and confessions help us in this?
  • What is true hospitality?
    • How can we grow in it?
  • What of feminism?
  • How is submissiveness active?
  • How has Spurgeon influenced you?
  • What of culture?
    • Christian Yoga?
    • 2KT and Housewives?
  • What of the Christian Sabbath?
  • How about non-housewives?
  • + more

Listen [mp3]:


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