Sunday School on Pilgrim’s Progress & Free eBook/Audiobook

As we have just finished our 93 Sunday School series going through Hercules Collins’ “An Orthodox Catechism” (a Baptist version of the Heidelberg Catechism), we had just begun a new study.

As Pastor Jay put it:

“We have covered much theology in Sunday School and this is what Sunday School is for. We have covered the 1689 London Baptist Confession; The Westminster Shorter Catechism (A Baptist Version); and An Orthodox Catechism. So I wanted to start something a little different now. We are going to watch a video series on The Pilgrims Progress classic book By John Bunyan. This is a classic Christian book and very edifying…


Ligonier Ministries has a video series of a Pilgrims Progress survey done by a great world renown scholar named Dr. Derek Thomas (a teacher at Reformed Theological Seminary). He has done his homework and this is a great opportunity that I know everyone will love. There is also a study guide that I will be handing out week by week that you can even fill out while you watch the video. The video is about 25 minutes every week and we can follow it by a short discussion on relevant topics as time permits.”

We started this video survey this past Sunday. If you missed it you may watch it free online.

Currently, you may get a modernized version of the book for free in eBook and audiobook (MP3) formats:

Free eBook, Kindle (includes Part II) | Audiobook

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