The Garden of Eden a Temple and Adam a Priest?

The question in the title of this post is something that Pastor Jay talked about last Sunday during his sermon on Genesis 3:22-24.

For more details on this let me encourage y’all to read an excerpt from Pastor Richard Barcellos; book Better than the Beginning: Creation in Biblical PerspectiveHere is one section from it:

Since this may be a new concept for some readers, it is important to consider this a bit further. Was the garden the earth’s first temple? Was the garden a special dwelling place of God among men on the earth? The text of Genesis 2 and 3 does not use those words to describe the garden of Eden. But as we have already seen, it does utilize language used elsewhere in Scripture that describes God’s presence in Israel’s tabernacle. Does the Bible look back upon the garden of Eden and indicate that it was, in fact, a temple, a sanctuary, the first special dwelling place of God on earth among men? I think it does.

Consider Ezekiel 28:11-19, especially verses 13-14, 16, and 18…

Read “The Garden of Eden a Temple and Adam a Priest?”. [More snippets from the book]

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to interview the author about this book. You may listen to the first part of that interview here [part 2 here] or below (we get into Adam and the temple around the 27 minute mark):

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