URGENT: Joplin Tornado Relief

Dear Sovereign Joy Family,

As of today, the death toll in Joplin, MO has risen to 138, and there are still many missing persons yet to be found. Joplin is only five hours drive from Haltom City, and there are many lost and hurting people who need to receive the healing power of the gospel. A group of SJCC church members have decided to travel to Joplin to attempt to meet this need on Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week. We pray that you would consider whether the Lord may be calling you to join us in this effort.

Though evangelism is a dire need in Joplin, there are also many other needs that need to be met. Your gifts are needed. They need cooks, carpenters, manpower for debris cleanup and, yes, evangelists. Please pray and ask God whether you may have a role to play in this trip. More than anything, pray that God will bless the efforts of Sovereign Joy Community Church as we seek to serve and evangelize the community of Joplin, MO.

We are also accepting donations of essential goods (i.e. diapers: size 4, 5, 6 and socks, etc.). If you’re able to donate to this effort, please bring your donations to church on Sunday. If you believe that God is calling you join us, please contact either Billy Leonhart or Trisha Ramos no later than Sunday at 9pm. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this matter. May God bless you and our church.


In Christ,

Billy Leonhart